Distressed Mason Jar Vase


First post, finally and yay! I have been procrastinating over this blog for years because I was unsure how to tie all my favourite things into one cohesive blog. I figure it’s time, plus I love all things interior, design, kids, diy so here we are CITY AND ORCHID.

One thing that I stumbled across was mason jars, used as vases or storage in the kitchen or kids room and I thought, oh my gosh, so cute, I have to buy one! But then that led to oh my gosh they’re that easy to make? There’s no way I’m buying one now, I’m going to DIY! So after watching a couple of YouTube videos on how to make my very own distressed mason jar vase, off I went to the paint and hardware shop. The paint expert was so helpful in giving me advice on which chalk paint I should buy and even recommended a sealant which prevents future chips and cracks but whilst maintaining that distressed look I was trying to achieve and Voilà!



It was super easy to make and chalk paint dries very fast so it took me no time before I had my very own flower vase. I got the hydrangea because it’s one of my favourite flowers, it is fake because we pruned the two in the garden and so they haven’t flowered yet. I hope you like it and it can also give some great ideas for your own home. In future, I will be making two for my daughter’s bedroom when I start with decorating her room, which I will obviously post up in the kids section.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. SerendipiDIY says:

    I have always wanted to make one of these. Yours turned out super pretty!!!


    1. Me too lol. Thank you 🙂


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