Hexagon Clay Coasters

This is my favourite DIY moment because these coasters came out even better than I expected them to. The coasters were made from Polymer Clay, I bought colours in navy blue, magenta and white and once rolled, rubbed, shaped and baked in the oven for 30 minutes, these beauties came out!


I expected the coasters to have a more rough texture and scratch the surface of the table but they are “soft” and smoothe enough that I didn’t have to add a felt bottom which was perfect because I forgot to purchase them from the artshop.


These coloured ones are for creativity sake but I definitely would like to see some plain ones with a silver dipped effect in the white and blue mainly because I’m loving the navy palette trend for interior decor in 2017, which I will post up soon.

I haven’t used a coaster in years, haha, I guess it’s all subjective but when you have a little one who thinks spills and scratches on the table is room for an art project, coasters are needed!


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