Colour Palette 2017

I have been cracking my brain about how to design and personalise my space this year. I have become so bored with beige walls that match with the beige tiles that tie into the beige curtains hanging from the sliding door that only opens half way. I think you can see where I’m going with this. And even though I’m not a fan of bright bold colours decorating an interior space, I’d still like something more appealing to the eye instead of just natural colours from floor to ceiling.
I am a fan of modern styles but even bigger, I love Scandinavian interiors.

Bright white room with wooden flooring and bleached wood accents in table legs, dining room tables and serving trays, the scandi style speaks to me. After looking at countless amounts of interior spaces and decor brands on Instagram, I finally decided that the best place to start would be colour. Pretty simple for me because the first thing that appeals to me is their bright and white spaces. So I’ve decided on white being my base colour. The next colour that has really stood out for me is grey. I attended Decorex at Gallagher Convention Center in Midrand, South Africa for the first time this year and every display item that drew me in was grey or had grey accents, Haha, it’s slightly obsessive but once I’ve seen something I like it’s very difficult for me to see anything other than what I like. Another colour which has always played a personal favourite was blush pink. I am going to try and use this colour very sparingly because I don’t want it to over power the two main colours I’ve chosen. Previously it had been navy but Im not too confident about decorating with the colour itself. Either way as time moves I know some options will chop and change around.


In the Sunday paper I found an advertisement highlighting the colour palettes for 2017 by a paint company. To be honest though I have been seeing these palettes in homes for better part of this year but I do understand that it all depends on which side of the equator you live. I’m excited nonetheless. This palette is just a base line of where I’ll be going in terms of personalising my own space and it really has helped keep my focus on creating a cohesive space as I go through the slow and long process of redesigning. Items are ridiculously expensive so I will be dipping into the DIY pool and hopefully they will come out as beautiful.

I’m very excited to get started. Happy November!



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