Kiddies Mini-Haul


Hey Guys!
Christmas came a little early and the heart and soul of my daughter, my father, came bearing gifts and because great minds think alike I had a sneaky little surprise for her too. In South Africa, for those who don’t know, this is the season to lock away boots and sweaters and to bring out the swimsuits, sandals and sunscreen and with the hot temperatures less is definitely more.


I’m super excited about the shoes so we will chat about these gorgeous kids gladiator sandals first! I am in love with them! I saw them a few weeks before online but because it was online and I couldn’t guarantee comfort, I decided not to purchase them which is all well because believe it or not, these were part of the items my daughter received from my father – all these years and I didn’t know the man had such good taste, haha. These are man-made material not leather but because of the lace ups we can do them up for comfort. The base is also well cushioned, another important thing when I look at shoes. Half day in school running around and playing, comfort comes before style, thankfully no compromises had to be made because they are perfect.


Now swim. My daughter swims right throughout the year thanks to heated undercover pools and her old one had lost the glitz and glam from weekly washes. Also she’s a growing girl so it was certainly time for her to get a new costume and what better time than Summer holidays? I have zero experience when it comes to boys but with girls, we are super particular about our clothing and styles and colouring, when I purchased this costume online it didn’t look so fantastic but there wasn’t variety and this was the better option. I pinched my eyes shut as soon as I hit the purchase button because I wasn’t sure if she would like the costume. Thankfully this time I got it right, yes it’s a hit and miss situation when I shop for her. She loved her swimsuit so much that she put it on immediately. High five for me, haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear about some of your finds and where you guys do your kids shopping.
See you next week 🙂


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