Season’s Greetings

Hey there! Long time no chat, haha.
I have been stuck indoors nursing a flu that would just not go away, I mean as I type I feel my right nostril clogging up. Tmi? Haha. So I decided to push myself and at the very least explain myself. I have not made anything and it sucks because this house will not decorate itself and because I’m a planner it doesn’t sit well with me that I’m about 2 weeks behind. Spilt milk so I will leave it there because tis the season to be jolly, obviously. I am very excited for Christmas this year. It will be my first Christmas in 4 years that I get to put my feet up and not slave all day in the kitchen, phew finally.
Christmas with my family is about eating being merry and being with family, it’s a treasured time for me because I love my family dearly and anytime spent with them and intentionally doing so feels so special. This is the first year my daughter has grasped the concept of father Christmas/Santa so I know she will be elated when she find gifts beneath the Christmas tree.

It has been a short start to City & Orchid but I’m looking forward to the new year and as people say “new possibilities” and I have so much more in store for you in 2017. You can follow my Instagram @cityandorchid for daily lifestyle adventures. I will see you all and new in the new year, season’s greetings from me, be safe, be merry.

-City & Orchid


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