How To Get Organised For 2017

Hey guys, happy new year! Wow, did 2016 fly by or what?
I hope everyone had or is still currently having a great holiday. I want to draw your attention to something exciting and part of my ‘getting organised’ commitment and that is City & Orchid’s new domain name- talk about commitment right? So now instead of the cityandorchid.wordpress you can type in (whoop, whoop). And it didn’t just stop there, I have a new logo thanks to the wonderful Anne from Peach Mint Design she’s got some really fantastic stuff and is very efficient if you require anything for your brand.

First post of 2017 and I wanted to talk about getting organised. One thing I realised in 2016 was my struggle to get organised, I had so many tasks and plans and ideas but I could never quite execute everything seamlessly and I told myself next year has to be different. If you know what I’m talking about or are interested in organising your life like a boss then this post is for you!

Towards end of the year I made my own calendar to put up on my desk. I always took calendars for granted but when there are so many pieces of the puzzle to your typical day a calendar is highly important plus it looks great in your personal office. I used Word to create my calendar and it was super easy. I know word also provides ready made calendars for you which you can customize to your taste- I didn’t personally because I was looking for something specific. For those who want the convenience and ease, there are plenty vendors on Etsy which provide instant downloads so you can print from your own office or take to a printing press.
*Tip: Use adhesive stickers to mark important dates or highlight important dates whilst creating your calendars on word.

Another must-have in getting organised is a planner. I know planners can seem costly, especially the ultimate planners but I’ve got a solution for you! I used an old planner folder with ring binders and I found the inserts from an Etsy vendor which I downloaded instantly after payment and printed and punched myself. It cost me $10 for this ultimate planner, which is nothing compared to the $75 ones out there today. I customized mine by using gold fabric paint on the cover and made dots with an earbud – now good as new. I must say it was quite the task to cut, punch and file so I’d recommend taking your insert download to your nearest printing press for convenience. I had free time, being that it was during the holidays but yes it did take me long. I LOVE this planner because it’s named the ultimate planner and quite honestly it is. It has every section I could think of, school, family, calendar, health and fitness, numbers and lists and so on. I do have to mention though that upon looking at the 2017 calendar, the week days were dated off by one day so I’m assuming she just changed the calendar name and didn’t think to change the dates. Luckily I already have a desk calendar. So having this planner all in one file will definitely map out my life and make 2017 that much simpler.

Reducing clutter in your office and filing things and giving each important item a place will make your life more manageable. Place pens and pencils in a diy mason jar, file papers and mark them clearly and put away any items that aren’t regularly used in a drawer or weaved basket if you don’t have a drawer. I usually do a spring clean every 6 months and throw out unimportant things and keep a bin under the desk for ease of maintenance.

I really hope this helps you become more organised and hopefully we’ll have all our ducks in a row. I’ll see you guys next week 🙂


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