Interior Haul

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you some stuff I’ve bought for the house. Last year I blogged about colour palettes in order to make a space for the house that I love and so far so good.



I purchased this gorgeous and fluffy Icelandic sheepskin rug from Etsy from a shop called Natural Sheepskin and according to the packaging it comes from Poland. This one is my absolute favourite, it’s bright and dense and soft and it even has a small brown pigment in the center which I find great. I love the service I received because Natural Sheepskin is just one of those vendors that are willing to go the extra mile to deliver quality and efficient service. She went out of her way to post via a courier because I wanted to ensure it lands up in my home and not someone else’s, just saying! Please check out her shop, she has the most affordable rugs and leather goods around and they are quality! Support small businesses guys!



Funny story with this next one. My mother asked me, “Who buys tea towels as their first item for their house?” Haha, obviously me, it’s going to decorate the kitchen area and if there happens to be tea involved then yeah, get it!
I love Country Road, I’m not usually the type to buy items with the brand name spread out in big bold text but it’s Country Road and… ya haha. These tea towels come in the colours I’m going for, which let’s me know I’m going in the right direction because with the amount of images in my style book I’m surprised I haven’t changed my mind since last year.


Next item is this small vase. Now I kicked myself when it arrived because I had the larger one in my shopping cart but I judged the size based on the picture and i told myself the larger one was unnecessary- read the dimensions guys, don’t be like me. Either way I still like it and I’m not sure where it’s going but I will obviously find it a place.




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