DIY Miffy wall art

Hey! Long time no see/chat/blog haha, I miss one week and it literally feels like it was a month ago since I last posted. I have been swimming in work and that is because WE ARE OFFICIALLY MOVING TO THE COAST! I am so excited, nothing better than living by the sea, I’ve been a city girl my entire life craving the sounds and smell of the ocean and now finally at 27 years of age it’s happening! So if you don’t hear from me in a week you know it’s for good reason.

But let’s get to the post because you didn’t come here to read brags – did I mention I love the ocean? Lol. This post was something very impromptu, I’m actually busy with what was supposed to be today’s post but I couldn’t resist because I love me some DIY. So we all know Miffy right? An adorable character drawn by a Dutch artist and has come back with a massive bang and now she’s in our kids rooms, on the walls, in the bed and even lighting up the room! I like Miffy she’s understated and adorable and would go amazing in my daughter’s room for artwork – problem is that I’m on a budget and I cannot afford to splurge on every piece of decor because furniture is needed and expensive. Just as I was about to throw budget to the wind though, I had this brilliant idea of simply drawing Miffy. Now yes I come from a design background and it sounds complicated but if you can’t freehand my suggestion would be to trace around the character style of your choice and then go over it with a solid marker pen and you have created a professional look for your kids wall (or even your own wall) and all it cost was a few minutes of your time. Literally this one was THAT simple.
My plans are certainly to frame it and another awesome idea would be to create a stencil using cardboard to decorate anywhere else in the room such as bed linen or lamp shades or even cupboard doors (using the appropriate materials of course and taking into consideration the materials permanence).

Not into DIY but still love Miffy? Hey, no problem it’s not for everyone. You can just head over to the official Miffy store and pick up some awesome decor for your house!

I’ve got loads more for you guys in the coming month, I’ll be posting every Wednesday/Thursday and if not it will be the following week. I love reading your comments and thank you for the likes and your support, it means so much to me. If you have any DIY items of your own either created straight from the blog or even if I drew some inspiration tag me, I want to see both here or even on my Instagram page – @cityandorchid

Later for now 🙂


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  1. Congrats on your move!!!! Yaaay!!! 😊


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