Some Local Finds

Hey guys! I cannot believe how stressful the past week has been I am honestly ready to move now and have everything sorted and organised but patience is all I have for now.

Today I wanted to share some local finds which I adore from two local South African stores, if I am not mistaken they are both based in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy supporting small businesses, if you’ve been following my blog that’s been made clear by now but even more it’s supporting local. These two brands boast handmade items and I don’t know about you but I am willing to put money towards handmade. I am still keeping well within theme with these items so it’s awesome that I could find some locally made Scandi style designs which is the look i’m going for in the new house – ah and did I mention how good it feels not having to pay extra for customs charges? Haha, win win.

The bunny and grid pillow are from Scandi Home Decor – the bunny has affectionately been named Purple.

The storage bag and triangle bedding have both been handmade and printed and are from Mono Shop.

Both Scandi Home Decor and Mono Shop have amazing items – i’m still going back for more stuff (yes, I may need help). Check both brands out if you’re looking for some home items- even if you aren’t haha.



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