Welcome to the beach life…

It’s a different post today. One I’m typing this from my empty new home in the coast. It only hit me when I received the keys today that oh my goodness it’s real, it’s happened. I made this decision after a year of searching for a home in the city I’ve always lived in, the city of Gold and quite honestly I can say that at 21 years of age I always said I would never leave the city. The only way I would leave my city was for an even greater city but life evolves and I evolved right along with it and I couldn’t be more happier for my decision and more thankful for all the support I’ve received from my parents for this big move.

As soon as we got our tasks for the day sorted we decided to sit at one of the local restaurants for a late lunch and what I fell in love with was this very view. The calm in the ocean breeze lets me know that I’m home. 

Welcome to the beach life 🙂 …


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