Unicorn kids rug

I’m sitting with my feet up feeling chuffed with myself because I made this adorable kids unicorn rug in the midst of packing – when I have an idea, I have an idea what can I say? Haha. Actually my feet are up because my feet are tired because of all the packing and wrapping up I’ve been doing. It’s exciting but I can also say bitter sweet, I’ve lived in the city my entire life and now moving to the coast wow it’s a huge transition but one I know is the right decision.

So onto the unicorn kids rug. I have been searching for a kids rug to purchase that was cute and worked in my daughters new room but either they’ve been waaay to expensive or simply not what I was looking for. I didn’t study fashion to completely discard it so I made this super cute, super affordable rug from felt. All you’ll need is felt in the colours you desire, soft tule in the colours that work best (I chose on pink and purple- my daughters favourite colours) a black marker pen, a pencil and fabric glue or you can use a hot glue gun. If you want to make your own unicorn you can copy the step by step images below. When it comes to the unicorn horn I used a plastic mesh and cut the same size square for underneath the mat so that it doesn’t slip if your child’s room has tiles or wooden floors. In total it cost me about R250 which is roughly $15 but I bought too much fabric so it could have come out less.

Materials needed:

Black marker

White felt: 2m (1m for square rug, 1m for unicorn body which you’ll glue on)

Purple and pink felt: 1m

Purple and pink tule: 1/2m

Plastic mesh – 2m (small piece for the horn for weaving and the remaining mesh for rug to lay on top to prevent slippage) *

Pic 1: start by cutting a square/rectangle for your rug. Proceed by tracing out a unicorn shape on the remaining white felt and then glue on and press down gently. Note that I left the horn, tail, mane and ears out, we will add those later.

Pic 2: Trace out shape of the hoofs in your pink felt colour. Then cut and glue.

Pic 3: From your plastic mesh cut out a piece representing your horn. Do not glue – we still have to weave in the tule!

Pic 4: Cut out shapes of rectangles in both colours of the tule or squares depending on the look you’re going for. The more rectangular the shape the more weaving you’ll have to do so it’s up to you.

Pic 5: One tule piece at a time take the diagonal corners and twist until thin enough to pull through the gaps of the square as above. TIP: ensure you weave on the right side of the horn otherwise you’ll find the horn facing the wrong direction and have to start again like I did, haha.

Pic 6: Once you’ve weaved your colours in mark the place you want your horn to sit and glue the underside on.

Pic 7: Next cut and glue in your unicorn’s ears.

Pic 8: Add your mane whichever way you wish, you can make yours wavy or culy, whichever suits you. For my mane I drew it in the purple felt first and cut and glued it down then I added the pink strips above for definition.

Pic 9 & 10: Next is your tail which is the same concept as the mane. First I started with pink as the base of the tail and then filled in definition using the purple felt.

Pic 11: If you have remaining tule you can create a hair braid to stick on the mane.

Pic 12: Finish off by marking the sleepy/dreamy eyes with your marker. I drew the eyes first with a yellow pencil to ensure that the angle was correct and then I went over it with black marker.

*Cut the shape of your rug on the plastic mesh for your rug to sit on if you have wooden floors or tile to prevent slipping. If you intend it for an room with carpet it should be fine without the mesh.

There you have it! Your kids very own unicorn rug. I hope your kids will enjoy it as much as mine does – it’s wrapped up safely now for shipping but prior she was already playing on it. Fabric glue dries super fast, that’s why I loved using it so I didn’t have to wait in between each of the steps for the glue to dry.



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