My Scandi inspired dining room

I started this blog towards the end of last year because I found myself obsessed with DIY, possibly because I was always told as a child that if you want something done right do it yourself! It could also be that I have a slight tendancy to control myself and my surroundings but that’s not important. I knew the blog would further extend into the biggest milestone in my life and that was moving into my first house and also moving out of the city way of life and as I’m typing this I’m watching the palm trees sway in the wind and the last few bursts of the suns shine. It’s Friday and after a grueling move I’m relaxed in my Scandinavian dining room and I am super proud of myself. I’ve had bursts of inspiration to change my interior surrounding but it’s never quite worked out this way. This is the one room in the house where all my late nights scrolling on Houzz and online window shopping has paid off. The pink hues were the last minute decision because being a single woman with a young girl I said it’s my choice and I can be as girly as I want to be, but what I love is that it’s subtle and understated but still fresh and modern and bright which is very much my style. So this is it, my first look to you of my Scandi inspired dining room.

Have a great weekend Xx


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